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Carole's Story

An Amazing Experience

My passion for surrogacy began just a few months after my second child was born. I was reading a story of an infertile couple who desperately wanted a child and they continued to have failure after failure. I immediately was drawn into the idea of surrogacy and the possibility of helping a couple like the one I had read about. I called the program that was in the article and quickly became part of the CSP application process.  I did do my research with other programs, but felt most protected and cared for by CSP and made my decision to move forward with them.

I delivered my first surrogate child in July of 1996, and went on to help another couple become a family by delivering their twin girls in January of 1999. Two very different experiences, but both rewarding in their own special ways.   With my first family I helped to complete their family by bringing a sibling to an older brother. I originally only thought of helping a couple that had no children, as many women I believe think of.  But when my choices came to choose a couple, I made it a family affair and had my children and husband help me read through the stories. It was my children who picked the couple, as they sweetly said "we think Johnny needs a little brother or sister".   Well that was it, how could I refuse that logic?   My second couple was childless, and had been trying for 7 years to have a family. The Christmas mornings were getting extremely sad and lonely. Reading their story of the emptiness and pain they had for years, and hoping to fill at least one of the empty bedrooms in their home with a child was all I needed to know they were the couple for us.

As I look back on my two surrogacy experiences, I treasure not only the memories of seeing sadness turn to complete joy in the eyes of the new parents but also the growth in myself and my own family that we learned along the way. I feel blessed to be able to be a part of such an amazing, life changing experience.

My passion for surrogacy lives on as I now work for CSP and I work closely with the surrogate moms on a daily basis. With my own personal experience to share and my desire to see each surrogate mother have a fulfilling journey, I hope to be of assistance and support to the women in the program in any way they may need.   I look forward to the possibility of working with you soon!
Fondly, Carole