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Jennifer's Story

Surrogacy.who would have thought that one little word could mean so much!

My name is Jennifer and I'm a third time surrogate. When I first decided to be a surrogate I had no idea how much it would change my life. Without taking into consideration the birth of my own two children, this experience has been the most amazing, wonderful, full-filling and life changing experience of my life. The feeling that comes over me when I'm able to hand over a brand new life, a beautiful baby (or two), to a mom and a dad who had thought this day may never come, is all consuming, there are not enough words to describe it, it's AWESOME!

The first time I was a surrogate I worked with this amazing couple who had been trying to have a baby for almost seven years. Several pregnancies, miscarriages, and surgeries later they were almost out of hope. I became pregnant with twins on the first attempt and the next seven months were exhilarating. The doctors appointments and ultrasounds and being there when they found out the babies were a boy and a girl, these are moments I will never forget. The twins were born at 34 weeks and they were perfect. Watching mom and dad hold their babies for the first time was something that no one can ever take away from me. To know that because of me, this couple finally got what they had been working and hoping and praying for, these two perfect little people to hold and love, is a feeling like no other I have ever experienced. It has been almost five years since they were born and I still celebrate birthdays with them and have watched them grow into everything that mom and dad wanted, into these two little pieces of heaven.

My second surrogacy journey was very similar to the first one. Again, I worked with this wonderful couple whose life mission was to love and raise a child of their own. We were pregnant on the first attempt again, this time with a little girl. This couple was just as amazing and wonderful as the first; they just had so much love to give. They were at all of the doctors appointments and to see the expressions on their faces during ultrasounds was precious. The little girl made her appearance at 39 weeks and again, to be able to hand over this gift to a mom and dad who so desperately prayed for this day, is something that will be with me always. It has been three years since she was born and I have watched her blossom into this beautiful little princess right before my eyes.

I'm currently working with my third couple, we have just started our journey together, but I'm sure it will be another wonderful, heart-felt, loving, crazy, amazing, AWESOME, and life changing experience for all of us.....!