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Leigh's Story

Dear Joanne,

Almost two years ago, I decided to pursue my desire to become a surrogate mother. I wasn't completely sure that I would be able to fulfill my dream of helping someone have a baby - there were a few obstacles that I felt stood in my way . would my family be supportive of such an idea . would my daughters understand such a concept . for Central Illinois, it was such a radical thing .. for myself, it would be stepping way out of my comfort zone . could quiet little me really do something that would attract so much attention...

But the desire continued to tug at me, so I began to do some research. The first agency that I looked at was CSP! My first search and I found the best! I decided to take the plunge and sent away for the application and it was the best thing that I ever did! I know that without CSP, I would not have gone through an amazing surrogacy journey. I needed an agency that knew what they were doing and would guide me through the many steps that it takes to get to the magical moment when the home pregnancy test turns positive! And then to help make it a positive path to the excitement of the birth of the babies! CSP was definitely that agency!

My surrogacy journey was awesome - filled with life-long memories that I will cherish forever. So, I must say  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of the staff at CSP for helping me to fulfill my dream of helping someone else to have a family. You really are the best!


Hi Joanne,

I was thinking of you and all the wonderful people at CSP yesterday as I reflected upon this surrogacy journey!

William's birth was amazing!  Surrogacy isn't about me, but in this case, I got to have my dream birth.  The labor was all day, but manageable - I didn't need any medications - and I was able to walk around the hospital and labor on the birth ball.  I pushed William out in two contractions and was so glad to have Steven and Brad right there to witness their son's birth.  My wish this entire pregnancy was that they would be there to see him come into the world and they just made it!!!

We have been so blessed with having two wonderful extended families through surrogacy - first, Dan and Carl and now, Steven and Brad.  While I know the contact will diminish in the months and years to come - I know that we will always be a part of each others lives in a very good way.  Everyone always says what a wonderful gift that I am giving to these families, but the gifts and blessings have been returned to my family tenfold - I don't think most people understand this...

So, I will always be thankful to you and CSP for the wonderful things that you do...I am so glad that I pursued my dream of being a surrogate and I know that God blessed me with these wonderful journeys that were so awesome in every way!  Not every woman who dreams to be a surrogate is so lucky...Surrogacy has made me to be such a stronger and better person - I carry the feelings of wonder and pride that surrogacy brings with me every day and I will continue to do so every day of my life - there is no better gift than that!

I hope that all is well with you and everyone else at CSP!  I am off to pump some breast milk for precious little William!

With Deep Fondness and Gratitude,


Thank you Joanne, for your kind words!  I would love it if you decided to use my letters - makes me feel like my surrogacy journey will live on and on!  Kevin and I have officially decided that my uterus is retired - I feel like there is no way to top the experiences that I have had - plus my body is getting old and my body is not bounding back quite so fast this time - wahhhhhh!

My girls and I are visiting Dan, Carl and the twins over Memorial Day weekend - they are turning 2 - I can't wait to see them!

Thanks again,