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Shelda's Story

My Birth Story...

I had initially thought about surrogacy in 1998 and when I mentioned it to my mother and husband they both giggled and said "you'd never be able to do that Shelda."  I knew they were wrong then and now I'm more convinced than ever.  What an amazing journey surrogacy is and I have learned so much about myself and about others.  I learned that there are actually people out in the world that are so closed minded that they would never think about carrying a baby for a loving deserving family.  I've learned that the majority of people feel blessed just to know a surrogate and enjoy hearing every detail.  It's also so increased my amazement at creation and the mercy of God that He would not only allow such a wonderful gift but bless it so completely.

I first began searching the internet for surrogacy and visited many surrogate message boards.  Wow!  Those are scary places.  I realized right away that CSP was my choice for an agency after reading more than once that CSP is the best agency in the country.  I just knew that the application process would go quickly and I'd be pregnant in six months.  I was only off with that estimate by a year or so.

I so anxiously awaited my first packet of profiles and when I got them my family all gathered around the kitchen table and took turns reading.  It was so important to me that my entire family take part in the decision so no one felt left out.  We read through four profiles and kept going back to the same one.  They appeared to be so happy but missing something, a baby.  The wife and I had so many things in common, both working with court ordered families and children.  I knew we would have a lot to talk about.  We spent many hours praying about this whole process, that our decision would be pleasing to God and he would bless this relationship.

With our counselor, Elaine, as the contact, we had our first phone call.  Julie and I hit it off right way. I think we talked for over two hours that first call.  Our husbands quickly realized that this would be a frequent event and they could just go to bed and not wait up.  They planned to visit California and we would meet at Disneyland to spend the day together.  Julie did have to convince me of that since I thought it was way to expensive and I felt weird about them paying for my family of four to go.  Julie quickly made me realize that I would be pregnant soon and this would be my only chance to enjoy Disneyland with all of them so I agreed.  I can tell you that my family was nervous;  I know I was.  However, I must say that having the previous month or so to get to know one another did help break the ice.  We had such a great time that day, riding all the rides and just talking with one another. My son Ben who typically gravitates more to mom was riding on Chuck's shoulders and loving riding the big boy rides....Of course we didn't give him much of a choice, after an hour in line.

By the end of the day our family was sure that Chuck and Julie were it for us and wasted no time calling Elaine to let her know that we had made our decision and looked forward to moving on to the next step.  It took us two years and two transfer cycles to get pregnant but was well worth the wait.

Their twins were born at the end of 2005 and what a wonderful day that was. After only three hours of labor and a wonderful natural birth with no medication "the team" welcomed a 6 lb 10oz baby and a 6 lb 2oz baby into the world. I looked at Julie and she had this look of amazement on her face and came over to my bedside and hugged me. As she hugged me she whispered thank you in my ear amongst her tears. I was so incredibly full of joy for her and for their family. The babies were doing so great they were released to go home the next day.  I was at the hospital when they left and I must admit that I felt a part of me leaving and I cried knowing that as much as I loved those babies they were going to be so incredibly happy with their mommy and daddy.  My tears were tears of joy not of sadness and I have to say that in the sixteen months since the girls were born I have experienced something I never expected.  I am attached to someone in that family but it's not the babies as so many would expect.  Julie and I shared such an amazing experience and have become great friends.  We talk often and rarely even discuss the girls. I have made a life long friend and in the meantime made a family so very happy.  It was such a wonderful experience for me I'm back for my second surrogacy journey.
God Bless, Shelda