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Tracy's Story

I'm Tracy. I've been a surrogate five times and have had the pleasure of working with four wonderful couples. I'm a gestational carrier and carried twice for a couple from Europe, once for a couple from Canada, twins for a Seattle couple and another healthy baby for a Los Angeles couple.

I first thought of carrying a baby for someone else because we had friends who were battling infertility. I offered to carry for them but because of religious beliefs they declined.

A few years later my husband John was reading our local paper and saw an ad for surrogate mothers placed by a small northern California agency. I answered the ad and was matched with my first couple.

Three months after delivering my first surrogate baby my couple called me and asked for my help a second time. None of us were happy with how the small agency handled our surrogacy. I had to wait for long periods to be reimbursed for my out of pocket expenses and the agency owner was often absent from the office. Because the small agency was unavailable to us I was left to handle much of the paper work on my own., which is why we decided to go independent.

Lucky for us everything went well, although I found it uncomfortable to speak with my couple about money and I had to take care of the trust. As with my first surrogacy, I had to handle all the paper work. I shudder sometimes when I think of how differently things would have turned out if everything hadn't gone well. Without the safety net of a good agency we all might not have fared well should there have been problems.

I decided to do a third surrogacy and that's when I found CSP via the internet. They exceeded my expectations and I felt like I was finally home. I had a wonderful counselor to work with and all the staff at CSP has always treated me with kindness and respect. You can see why I did my last three surrogacies with them!

When I first started pursuing surrogacy I never would have imagined that I would do it five times. To say that it's an amazing journey would be an understatement, which is why I came back to it over and over. For my family to be a part of something meaningful and life changing has been a true blessing to all of us.

Words can't describe the feeling of watching a couple hold their baby for the first time. To be able to witness a family unfold before your eyes is something wondrous. I'll be forever grateful to each of our couples for allowing us to be a part of helping to create their families.

People always talk about how much we've sacrificed on the behalf of the couples we've worked with. What they don't realized is how much we've been given, the great people we've had to pleasure of getting to know and how our lives are much richer because of them. To be a part of something so special is a gift that is beyond measure.

I'll never forget a phone call I received on a little boy's fifth birthday. The soft voice on the other end of the phone said "Hi it's me Adam . Thank you for my life." It doesn't get any better than that.